Prof.Peter Xu—Soft-bodied Robotic Technologies

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本期论坛由Prof. Peter Xu主讲。

题目Soft-bodied Robotic Technologies

报告人:Prof.Peter Xu












报告:Soft-bodied Robotic Technologies

Abstract: This talk will touch on thedifference between rigid and soft bodied robotics and highlight challenges insoft robotics. The talk will present a few case studies in soft roboticsincluding a peristaltic sorting table and a few bio-robotic instruments formedical and food science applications. Future directions of soft robotics andapplication will be discussed.

报告人:Prof.Peter Xu

Peter Xu joined the University of Auckland on1 February 2011, as Chair in Mechatronics Engineering. He was the Professor ofMechatronics (2007-2010), Associate Professor (2005-2006) and Senior Lecturer(1999-2004) in School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, MasseyUniversity, New Zealand. Prior to coming to New Zealand, he worked at the CityUniversity of Hong Kong (1993-1998), the University of Stuttgart, Germany(1990-1992) and Southeast University, China (1988-1989).

His current research interests are mainly inareas of advanced mechatronics/robotics with applications in medicine andfoods. He is Senior Member of IEEE and Fellow of IPENZ (Institution ofProfessional Engineers of New Zealand). He has served as Associate Editor forIEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (since 2003), was Associate Editorfor IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (2008-2009), and Editor forInternational Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications,IJISTA (2005-2010).

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