Electronic Packaging and Its Application

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本期学术论坛由Dr. Kevin Liu, P.E.主讲


题目:Electronic Packaging and Its Application

报告人:Dr. Kevin Liu, P.E.

时间:2015316日,星期一, 12:30



1. Introduction of Electronic Packaging

2. Levels of Electronic Packaging

Chip (IC)->Open-Frame->Module->Close-Frame-Cage->System 

3. Types of Electronic Packaging 

   1) Consumer Electronics 

   2) Industrial Electronics 

   3) RF Electronics (wireless) 

   4) Avionic (Defense &. Aerospace) Electronics 

4. Design of Electronic Packaging 

   1) Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 

   2) Interconnecting and Wire Routing 

   3) Parts &. Assembly Design 

   4) Thermal Design &. Electronic Cooling 

   5) Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFMI A) 

5. Thermal Analysis & Management in Electronic Packaging

6. Structural Analysis in Electronic Packaging 

7. Test & Compliance of Electronic Products


Kevin Liu is a senior engineer with rich work experience. Now he works as a Sr. Project Engineer with Stanley Black & Deckerin Towson, MD. He used to work in General Dynamics, GE Aviation, Alcatel, and Bell Labs. He gained his Ph.D. in Fluid & Thermal Science from Southern Methodist University (2001-2009), Master of Sciencein Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University (1990 – 1993), Bachelor of Sciencein Forestry Machinery, Nanjing Forestry University (1980-1984).

His current research interests are mainly in areas of control and power Module design and electronic packaging, control used in varieties of professional power tools. He has four U.S. patents awarded, and another two U.S. patents pending. He is a Registered and licensed professional engineer in the Sate of Texas.








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